Global Inbound Services

Facilitate geographic expansion into new markets

Our Global Inbound Services connect carrier networks and enterprise contact centres with their customers in different worldwide locations at minimal costs.

This service enables the clients to gain perception of “local presence“ in other countries. The global inbound services facilitate geographic expansion into new markets at virtually no additional cost.

Support your customers where they live and work

This service includes a number of access options:

International Toll-free Service (ITFS)

Allows directly-dialled international calls to be made from over 70 countries free of international charges to callers

Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN)

Allows callers to make calls from over 50 countries with a single unique number

Direct In-dialling Service (DID)

Provides additional flexibility by offering network access to callers using local fixed or mobile numbers from over 80 countries

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Extensive coverage from a growing list of more than 70 countries


24x7 Network Operations Support


Current interconnects with over 150 industry leaders

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